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What is League Family?

Note: This functionality is only available to users with League Family, which isn't available for everyone. Your employer will let you know if it becomes available for you.

Who should read this article?
Members with League Family and dependents who are their spouse, common-law partner, or children over 18.


We’re introducing a League experience where dependents can take control of their health. Learn more about what features are included and who can sign up.

The experience

Say goodbye to sharing one set of login details! With League Family, dependents can create their own League account. 

Here’s what’s included in League Family:

Health Profile

Dependents can build a Health Profile and get more personalized support for health needs and goals. Learn about the Health Profile

Health Programs

Dependents can complete Health Programs and earn League Credit to spend in Lifemarket. Learn about Health Programs.

Health Journey

Dependents can add activities to their journey, and we’ll even add suggested activities that match their unique health needs and goals.


Dependents can buy products and services to power a healthy lifestyle using League Credit or a credit card. Learn about Lifemarket.


Dependents can view benefits cards, benefits information, and League Credit in the Wallet.

Get Care

Dependents can chat with our Care Navigators and Registered Nurses about health and wellness questions. Learn how to chat with our Care Team.

Help Center

Browse our Help Center for answers to commonly asked questions

Who qualifies

Any dependents who are your spouse, common-law partner, or children 18 or older can sign up for League Family. 

Learn how to invite your dependents to League Family.

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