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What are Health Programs?

Health Programs were created with you in mind! Health Programs are designed to help you develop healthy habits. Once you choose the Health Programs you want to participate in, you’ll receive activities (and these activities are added to your Health Journey). You earn rewards points for the activities you complete that are eligible for points, which can be redeemed for League Credit and used in Lifemarket. You can also earn rewards points for completing other actions in your League account.

The Explore tab of a user's journey in the League mobile app.

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We've teamed up with professionals in the wellness industry to create effective Health Programs with the goal of improving your health:

  • Health Programs cover a variety of categories including Preventive Care, Diet & Nutrition, and Mental Health.

  • You can participate in up to four Health Programs at a time.

  • Need a little extra guidance? Our Care team can help you pick the right Health Program for you.


Find and complete Health Programs

Program screen on the League app

Browse our available Health Programs in your League account by clicking “Journey” > and then clicking the “Explore" tab. Once you find a Health Program you like, select the program and click "Add to Journey”.We’ll notify you when your activities start. You can also access activities on the homescreen of your League account or by clicking “Journey”. Click an activity to view more details or complete it.

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