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Understand your role as a plan administrator

As a plan administrator, you’re the go-to person for your company’s group plan. You’re responsible for helping employees with day-to-day administrative needs, so understanding your responsibilities and benefits plan is super important.

Enrolling new employees in benefits

New employees are invited to enroll in their League benefits plan for themselves and their dependents. Enrollment occurs within 31 days of becoming eligible for benefits.

Here are some helpful articles to help you support your employees:

Managing your employees’ information

A key part of your role is to update necessary employee information on time. This ensures claims are paid correctly and promptly and monthly billing statements are correct.

As the plan administrator you need to ensure:

  • Employees’ class information is up-to-date with League.

  • Employees leaving the plan are quickly terminated from League.

  • Employees record Qualifying Life Events (QLEs) with League within 31 days of the event.

  • Employees’ salary information is kept up-to-date with League so benefit amounts are always accurate.

  • League is informed in advance about other important employee benefit changes, such as leaves of absence (LOA), lay-offs, and benefit extensions due to severance agreements.

Completing monthly billing

You need to ensure monthly payments are complete and submitted on time. This will ensure there’s no interruption to benefit coverage for your employees.

Learn more about monthly billing.

Supporting your employees

You can help your employees feel supported and make the most of their benefits by directing them to League's Chat feature. League’s Customer Care team is available to help your employees enroll in benefits and understand their benefits plan.You can also direct your employees to League’s Help Center for articles about using the League platform and understanding benefits.

Learn more about how your employees can contact League’s Member Support team.

Using paper forms

Incomplete or illegible handwriting on paper forms can slow down the amount of time it takes to process them. Before submitting forms to the insurance carrier take a quick look to make sure:

  • All the required sections are filled out correctly;

  • The information is easy to read;

  • The form is dated and signed by the employee.

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