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Waive or opt out of benefits coverage

Opting out

Opting out of a plan is when an employee chooses to refuse all their benefit coverage.

Mandatory plans

An employee can't choose to opt out of mandatory plans. They can choose to waive Health and Dental coverage, as per the conditions below.

Non-mandatory plans

If an employee chooses to opt out of the plan, they must refuse all benefits. They can't choose to enroll in some benefits and not others.

Waiving health and dental coverage

If employees have similar Health and Dental coverage under their partner's plan, they can waive these benefits on their own plan.

Some additional rules apply to waiving coverage. These include:

  • Only Health and Dental benefits can be waived.

  • Employees with dependents can only waive Health and Dental for their dependents. The employee remains enrolled in the benefits for themselves only. This is usually done if the dependents have other coverage.

  • Single plan members can't waive benefits.

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