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What is the Benefits Report?

Who should read this article?

HR Admins

The Benefits Report gives you insight into your employees’ benefit elections. With details on everything from coverage levels to eligibility dates, this report breaks down each benefit type so you have all the information you need in an easy-to-use format.

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Benefits Report overview

Field Name



The status of the benefit. For example, “Created”, “Active”, or “Inactive”.

Learn more about the Benefit Status field.

Benefit Class

The employee’s benefit class. For example, “Part Time” or “Full Time”.


The carrier who administers the benefit.

Benefit Type

The name of the benefit. For example, “Life”, “Short Term Disability”, or “Dental”.

Plan Name

The name of the benefits plan the employee is enrolled in for each benefit.

Requested Volume Amount

The amount the employee requested for volume-based benefits.

For example, if an employee requested $800,000 in coverage for Life insurance, this field will display “800,000”.

Approved Volume Amount

The amount an employee was actually approved for, for volume-based benefits. This amount may be equal to or less than the Requested Volume Amount.

For example, if an employee requested $800,000 in coverage for Life insurance but was approved for $400,000, this field will display “400,000”.


The amount of money the employee contributed to a spending account or tax-advantaged savings account.

Dependent Coverage

The level of dependent coverage for the benefit, if applicable.

Date of Hire

The date the employee was hired (or rehired).

Benefit Activation Date

The date the benefit becomes active and the employee has coverage in the benefit.

Termination Date

The date the employee was terminated

Benefit Termination Date

The date the employee’s benefit terminated, or is set to terminate. If the benefit has a Grace Period, this is the date the Grace Period begins.

Benefit Status explained

There are 7 potential statuses that a benefit can have on the Benefits Report:

  • Created: The benefit was created, but we’re awaiting information from an external system (for example, a carrier).

  • Ready: We have all the required information and the benefit is ready, but it’s not active because the activation date is in the future (for example, if the policy period hasn’t started yet). The employee won’t have coverage in the benefit until the activation date.

  • Active: The benefit is active, and the employee currently has coverage in the benefit.

  • Inactive: The benefit isn’t active for the employee.

  • Grace Period: The benefit is currently in its grace period, and is active only for claims incurred during the active policy period.

  • Waived or Opted-out: The employee waived the benefit during enrollment or after they reported a Qualifying Life Event (QLE).

  • Waiting Period: The benefit is in a waiting period and isn’t active (for example, if there’s a Waiting Period between when an employee is hired and when their benefits start).

Download the Benefits Report

From your League Admin account:

1. Click “Reports” or "Insights".

2. Click the “Benefits” tab.

3. Click “Download Benefits Report”.

The report will download to your computer as a .csv file.

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