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Find and deposit e-Transfers from League

Who should read this article?

Members with a spending account through League (like a Lifestyle Spending Account). If you have a spending account through an insurance carrier, the carrier will have different steps for submitting and reimbursing claims. Learn more in your Wallet.

If we approved your spending account claim and you have INTERAC e-Transfer set up as the payment method in your League account, this article will help you deposit your e-Transfer.

Read on to learn:

When we send you an e-Transfer

You’ll receive your e-Transfer email 2-3 business days from the date your claim was moved into a “Paid” status. This “Paid” status means we approved your claim and are processing your reimbursement.

How do you know when your claim moved to a “Paid” status? You can check the status of your claim in your claims history.

How to deposit an e-Transfer

We’ll send your e-Transfer to the email address you entered when you set up your banking information. Keep in mind, this email expires in 30 days.

Tip: If you don’t remember which email address you entered, you can check under the “Banking Info” section of your League account.

To deposit the e-Transfer:

1. Open the e-Transfer email (sent by

2. Click the link in the email.

3. Follow the steps for your bank (these steps may differ depending on your bank) and enter your passcode.

Note: Type your passcode directly into the text box, don’t copy & paste it.

Your bank will let you know if the money was deposited successfully.

How to troubleshoot issues with an e-Transfer

We understand that sometimes things go wrong. If you’re having issues finding or depositing your e-Transfer, try these troubleshooting steps.

Issue #1: You can’t find the e-Transfer email

In the search bar for your email account, search these keywords:

Still can’t find the email? Chat with us or email

Issue #2: Your passcode doesn’t work

If you entered your passcode but get an error message, make sure:

  • You didn’t enter any typos or extra characters

  • You’re using the passcode from your League account

  • The passcode isn’t being auto-filled by your computer

  • You typed the passcode directly into the text box (and didn’t copy & paste it)

If you changed your passcode after we approved your claim but before you received the e-Transfer, the new passcode won’t work. Chat with us or email, and we’ll resend the payment so you can use your new passcode.

Issue #3: You submitted multiple claims but only see one e-Transfer email

If you had more than one claim approved on the same day, we send you one e-Transfer email with the total amount of all these claims combined (instead of sending you separate e-Transfers for each claim).

Issue #4: Your e-Transfer expired

e-Transfers expire after 30 days. This means after 30 days has passed, you won’t be able to deposit the money.

Chat with us or email if your e-Transfer expired. We’ll send you a new e-Transfer email.

If none of these troubleshooting steps worked

Chat with us or email Our Customer Care team will troubleshoot the issue and make sure you receive your reimbursement.

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