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Connect Apple Health to your account

Connect Apple Health to your League account so you can track and understand your wearables data, and we can automatically complete certain Health Journey activities for you (which means you don’t have to complete them manually).

Note: Right now, you can only connect Apple Health to your League account from the League mobile app.

Continue reading to learn how to connect Apple Health to your League account.

Connect Apple Health to your League account

Follow these steps to connect Apple Health to your League account:

1. Tap the profile icon. 

Profile icon highlighted in League's app home screen

2. Tap the ellipsis (three dots) icon.

ellipsis button highlighted in about me screen

3. Tap "Apps & Devices”. 

Apps and devices button highlighted in the My Account menu

4. Select Apple Health under the “Suggested” heading.

apple health button under suggested header highlighted in League's app apps and devices screen

5. Review the privacy information and tap “Continue”.

Sharing sensitive data screen with read and agree privacy policy checkbox and continue button highlighted

6. Tap “Connect Apple Health”. 

connect apple health button highlighted in connect apple health screen

7. You’ll see a list of the category of data you can track in your metrics or use to automatically complete activities in connected Health Programs. Tap the toggle beside each data point on the list so it turns green, or tap “Turn on all categories” if you want to share every data point.

8. Tap “Allow”.

iphone data point information sharing screen with the toggle buttons and allow button highlighted

Note: If you tap “Don’t Allow”, we won’t ask you to share this category of data again in your League account. You can share this data in the future under your device settings.

You can now track your Apple Health data in your metrics and connected Health Programs. Visit Apple Health to check your real-time progress towards each activity’s goal. You can edit your data sharing permissions anytime.

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