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What are Connected Health Programs?

Connected Health Programs contain activities that use data from your wearable app or device to track your progress. If you connect your wearable app or device to your League account when you enroll in a connected program, we’ll automatically complete certain activities in the program if you reach the goal set by the activity and award you any eligible rewards points or achievements. For example, if the goal of the activity is to walk 10,000 steps today, we’ll automatically complete the activity if you reach 10,000 steps in this timeframe.

Screenshot of a Connected Health Program in the League mobile app

Note: Right now, you can only connect your wearable app or device to your League account from the League mobile app.

Connected programs may still have some activities that you need to complete manually. These types of activities have a button at the bottom of the screen you can click to complete the activity. You can still enroll in a connected program if you choose not to connect a wearable app or device, but you’ll need to manually complete all the activities.

Screenshot of a manual activity in the League mobile app

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