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Benefit conversions

Employees (and their partners) can convert their group coverage to individual coverage if:

  • Their group coverage ends due to termination;

  • Their group coverage is reduced due to moving classes or age-based reductions.

Employees must apply with their insurance carrier to convert their coverage.

There is a time limit for how long employees have to convert their coverage to individual. This limit starts from the date an employee's coverage terminates or reduces. Employees must apply to convert their coverage within the time limit, to avoid having to provide proof of good health.

The most common benefits available for conversion to individual coverage are:

  • Basic Life

  • Critical Illness

  • Health

  • Dental

Carriers outline the conditions that apply to benefit conversions in the insurance contract. Employees should review these conditions before they apply for conversion.

How can League help?

Employees can contact League's Member Support team. Our team would be happy to provide the employee with completed benefit conversion forms. It's up to the employee to submit the completed forms to their carrier.

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