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What is the Digital Success Portal?

If you need to reach out to a League CSM to get additional help, support, or guidance (you need help understanding a report or you need to update your plan design) you can use the Digital Success Portal.

The Digital Success Portal enables you to quickly create a Case, manage its details, and resolve it. The best place to reach League’s CSMs is through the Digital Success Portal where they can give you additional detail as needed.

A Case is an easy way for both you and League to track your questions. Cases let you quickly detail what you need help with and so a CSM can respond, ask questions and get more details to better help you. All the details about your question are in one spot (no more digging through emails) and you can quickly see the status of your Case.

The Digital Success Portal is a lightweight tool that should make things easier for you.

Learn more about the Digital Success Portal:

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