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Invite new employees to your benefits plan

It's important to encourage new employees to enroll in their benefits plan as soon as they become eligible. There is usually a three month waiting period before new employees become eligible for their benefits. This waiting period could be considered a "benefits probation period", similar to an employment probation period.

New employees have 31 days from the first day they are eligible for benefits (the benefit eligibility date) to enroll in benefits. If they don’t enroll within this timeframe, they are considered Late Applicants.

League gives new employees plenty of time to enroll for benefits. Eligible employees are invited to enroll in benefits on the League platform at least 30 days before their waiting period ends. This gives them at least 60 days to enroll before becoming a late applicant, and ensures they are able to take full advantage of their benefits.

Learn more about how to add an employee to the League platform.

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