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Digital Success Portal Reporting Guide Introduction

Who should read this?

Anyone who uses League’s Digital Success Portal.

As part of the Digital Success Portal, we email you a set of quarterly reports to give you direct insight into how employees use League. Look out for a copy of the most recent report in your inbox.

What is the Digital Success Portal?

The Digital Success Portal is a custom solution that makes it easier for you to find resources, promote employee engagement and stay connected to the League platform and team. The Digital Success Portal puts you in the driver’s seat of your League experience through a technology-enabled team approach to service delivery, giving you greater consistency, transparency, and insight into the performance of your League solution.

Table of Contents

Keep reading to learn what reports we send you, or click the links below to learn more about each report:

Onboarding & Demographics

Get a high-level view of how many employees use League and how they engage with the platform.

Benefits Engagement

Get insight into how employees use their League Wallet and spending accounts.

Live Chat Engagement

See how employees interact with our customer care agents, care navigators and registered nurses.

Health Engagement

Understand what Health Programs employees start, complete, and adhere to the most.

Rewards Engagement

See how employees earn and redeem rewards points.

Lifemarket Engagement

See what employees are buying in Lifemarket.

Population Health Preferences

Get insight into employee health goals, interests, barriers and risks.

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