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Why was an activity removed from my journey?

Are you looking for an activity in your Health Journey, but don’t see it on the list? The activity may have been removed.

There are a few reasons why an activity gets removed from your journey:

  • If an activity expires and you don’t complete it by its expiry date, we remove it from your journey. You won’t earn reward points for any activities that expire before you complete them.

  • We automatically mark some activities as “done” and remove them from your journey. For example, if you were directed to another section of League to complete the activity, we automatically complete it when you’re done.

  • If the activity suggested you sign up for a specific Health Program but you sign up for a different Health Program, we remove the activity from your journey.

If an activity was removed from your journey but you’re still not sure why, contact our Customer Care team through Chat or email us at They’ll be happy to help!

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