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What is the Beneficiaries Report?

Who should read this article?

HR Admins using our Digital Beneficiaries offering

The Beneficiaries Report gives you insight into your employees’ beneficiary designations. It includes information on:

  • Whether an employee made beneficiary designations for a benefit

  • Who their beneficiaries are

This article will help you:

Beneficiaries Report overview

The following information is included for all beneficiaries (whether they’re a person or an organization):

Field Name


Benefit Type

The benefit the employee designated a beneficiary (or beneficiaries) for.

If there are multiple benefits an employee needs to designate a beneficiary for, they’ll all be listed in the report.

Designation Type

Whether the beneficiary is primary or contingent.

If the employee hasn’t designated a beneficiary yet, this field will say “No Designation.

Share Percentage

The percentage of the benefit amount the beneficiary is entitled to receive.

Last Updated

The date the employee last updated their beneficiary designation.

The following information is included if the beneficiary is a person:

Note: If the beneficiary is an organization, these fields will be blank.

Field Name


First / Middle / Last Name

The beneficiary’s name.

National Identifier

The beneficiary’s identification number.

Date of Birth

The beneficiary’s date of birth.


The beneficiary’s relationship to the employee (for example, spouse or child).

The following information is included if the beneficiary is an organization:

Note: If the beneficiary is a person, these fields will be blank.

Field Name


Legal Name

The organization’s name.


The organization’s Tax ID or TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number).

Address 1 / Address 2

The organization’s address.

City / Province/State / Country

The city, province/state, and country the organization is located in.

Postal/Zip Code

The organization’s postal/zip code.

Download the Beneficiaries Report

From your League Admin account:

1. Click “Reports” or "Insights".

2. Click the “Beneficiaries” tab.

3. Click “Download Beneficiaries Report”.

The report will download to your computer as a .csv file.

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