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View your progress towards activity goals that use your wearables data

We want to help you achieve your goals. When you connect your wearable app or device to the League app, you can view your progress towards goals for any activities in your Health Journey that use your wearables data. 

View your progress on mobile

You can view your progress under the “Journey” tab in the League app:

1. Tap “Journey” in the League navigation bar.

Journey button highlighted in League's mobile app home screen

2. Under the “Activities” or “Progress” tabs in your journey, pick an activity that uses wearables data.

connected program step into it highlighted in the activities tab

You’ll now see:

  • A progress bar illustrating how close you are to reaching the activity’s goal. The purple bar shows how much progress you’ve made so far, and the grey bar shows the total progress needed to complete the activity.

  • The total goal for the activity.

  • The percentage of progress you’ve made so far. 

Screenshot of the progress bar for a wearable activity on the League mobile app

Note: You’ll find your most up-to-date progress in your health app. For example, if you connected Apple Health to the League app, then Apple Health will have your most up-to-date data. This is because it can sometimes take time for data to sync between your device and the League app.

If the progress data displayed doesn’t match the data shown on your wearable app or device, you can also read our troubleshooting tips.

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