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Process new hires in League with an HRIS Integration

Note: This article is for HR Admins. If you're not an HR Admin and want to understand more about getting started with League, check out this section of our Help Center.

League adds new hires to our platform after you provide their information in the CSV file that is dropped in our SFTP. Employees receive an invitation email from League a few hours after our system processes the HRIS integration file. League sends invitations to the emails provided in the HRIS integration file.

Enrolling in benefits

Once we send the invitation email to an employee, they usually have a 31 day enrollment period to complete enrollment (but the exact length of the enrollment period depends on your policy). We also send activation emails throughout their enrollment period. Employees who don't enroll within their enrollment period receive default coverage.

Employees have the entire enrollment period to enroll in or change their benefit selections. After this period ends, League finalizes their selections and adds Wallet cards to their account.

Employees can finalize their selections early if they don't need to make changes. They can do this in their League Wallet by clicking "Finalize Plan Selections". By finalizing their selections the employee is agreeing they are happy with their current selections. They will also be able to access their benefits early.

Once the enrollment period ends or an employee manually finalizes their selections:

  • League sends their enrollment details to the insurance carrier through a carrier file feed;

  • Wallet cards become visible in the employee's League account.

Wallet cards are pending while the carrier processes the enrollment. The cards become active once the carrier confirms they have processed enrollment.

Once League receives a file from the insurance carrier showing an employee's benefits are active, we:

  • Add the employee's member ID (employee ID);

  • Activate the employee's Wallet cards;

  • Email the employee letting them know their coverage is active.

Default plan

Employees who don't enroll within their enrollment period receive default coverage. Each employer decides their own default coverage option.

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