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Manage your location sharing permissions

League is committed to protecting your data and keeping your sensitive information safe. Read this article to learn:

Why we use your location information

We use your IP address and/or your country preference to get an approximate idea of your location so we can:

  • Verify your geographic location

  • Personalize your League experience

  • Recommend relevant content

  • See whether information you requested is available in your location

Read our full privacy policy for details of how we use location information.

How to stop sharing your location information

We understand not everyone feels comfortable sharing their location, and that’s okay! You can stop sharing your location with the League app through your phone’s settings.

On iPhone:

Stop or edit your location services by selecting “Privacy” > “Location Services” in your settings.

On Android:

The process is different depending on the type of phone you have. You may be able to edit your location from the “Advanced” or “App Permissions” sections in your settings.

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