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Create Cases in the Digital Success Portal

This article will show you how to create a Case in the Digital Success Portal.

Create a Case

To create a Case:

1. Sign in to the Digital Success Portal.

2. Click “New” on the menu bar in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

league's digital success portal open cases view with new button highlighted

3. Enter a subject and description. The more detailed your description is, the faster we can help. If you're experiencing unexpected behavior, include the steps to reproduce what you're experiencing.

4. Pick a Case type. Your options are:

  • Advisory - Compliance: Request support from League's Benefit Compliance Specialist.

  • Advisory - Open Enrollment Support: Request support for Benefits Open Enrollment, including employee communications and open enrollment presentations.

  • Advisory - Renewal: Access your dedicated League Advisory team member for strategic renewal support, including renewal strategy and negotiation, insurance carrier marketing, and plan design strategy.

  • Advisory - Service: Request support for day-to-day benefit program service needs, like member claim issues, benefit level inquiries, and documentation needs.

  • Billing: Report issues with or ask questions about billing

  • Config change: Request configuration changes that are not member specific

  • Defect: Let us know when something unexpected happens

  • General / How-To: General platform questions

  • Meeting Request: Book a Zoom meeting with a CSM

  • Member Specific: Questions about a specific member (don't include any personally identifiable information (PII) in the Case)

  • Open Enrollment: Questions about Open Enrollment

  • Other: None of the types describes your Case

  • Renewal: Questions about renewal

  • Reporting: Questions about reporting or data

  • Service: Request a service like adding a new wallet card (some services cost extra)

  • Setup: Setup requests like Digital Success Portal access.

Note: The Case type helps us track the types of questions we receive so we know where we can improve our product, services, and documentation.

5. Don't edit “Status” field. The status defaults to “New”. You can learn more about statuses under “Manage your Cases”.

6. Pick a “Priority” for your Case (High, Normal, or Low). By default, we'll set the priority to "Normal".

Note: While the priority helps us better manage our incoming Cases, we can't guarantee a faster response for high priority cases.

7. Upload any files that illustrate the issue.

8. Click "Save".

new case modal

Learn more about the Digital Success Portal

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