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What is spending account usage?

Spending account usage is reported when a charge is approved for a claim or Lifemarket purchase made with a spending account. On your invoice, this charge is billed as "Spending Account - Usage" for the previous month of service. You can also find more real-time information in the portal’s “Insights” section.

Important things to remember about spending account usage:

  • Sometimes you’ll see an employee’s usage as a negative amount. This happens if an employee has a claim refunded.

  • Sometimes you’ll see a usage amount for a terminated employee. This happens if they submit a claim just before they're terminated or after their last day, if you offer a grace period. Learn more about charges for terminated employees.

  • If you offer a grace period between the end of one plan year and the start of the next plan year, you’ll see usage on your invoice for funds from the previous plan year.

spending account usage invoice example

What does it look like on my invoice CSV?

On your invoice CSV, you’ll see the total spending account usage broken down by employee. These are the funds each employee spent in the previous month. You’ll only see an amount reported if an employee has spent these funds, or a claim has been refunded or adjusted:

spending account usage csv example

Note: You can view and download a more real-time spending account dashboard and report in the portal, under the "Insights" tab.

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