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What is League Credit?

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When you redeem your rewards points, they turn into League Credit. League Credit is money you can spend in Lifemarket

The difference between League Credit and reward points

Reward points are what you earn when you complete actions in the app that are eligible for points, like Health Programs. League Credit is what your reward points turn into after you redeem them. You can't spend reward points in Lifemarket until you redeem them for League Credit.

Note: When you redeem your reward points, they’re immediately turned into League Credit and can’t be converted back into reward points.

The difference between League Credit and a Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA)

LSA is a flexible account provided by your employer that you can spend on a variety of items and services, while League Credit is provided by League and you can only spend it in Lifemarket. 

These are separate pools of money and aren't interchangeable. For example, you can't add League Credit to your LSA balance.

Earn League Credit

You receive rewards points for the actions you complete that are eligible for points, like completing activities in Health Programs. You can then redeem these points for League Credit. 

The more points you earn, the more League Credit you can redeem them for.

Your rewards screen on the League app

View League Credit

You can view your League Credit balance by tapping the profile icon > your points balance in the League app, by clicking “Journey” > your points balance on the League website, or in Lifemarket.

About me screen with the points balance highlighted


Learn more about how to view your reward points and League Credit.

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