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What are rewards points?

We want to reward you for your hard work and dedication! 

Rewards points 

  • You receive rewards points for actions you complete that are eligible for points

  • Points can be redeemed for League Credit. You can use League Credit to buy items or services in Lifemarket. 

  • The more points you earn, the more League Credit you can earn.

  • You can view your points and points value anytime by tapping your profile icon > your points balance on mobile, or by clicking About Me > your points balance on web.

An important thing to remember is you can’t turn League Credit back into rewards points. Make sure you definitely want to turn your points into League Credit before you redeem them!

About me screen with the points balance highlighted

League Credit

Once you redeem your points, you can view your League Credit balance by tapping the profile icon > your points balance on mobile or by clicking About Me > your points balance on web.

Your rewards screen on the League app with League credit balance highlighted

Tip: Learn more about League Credit.

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