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Use League for your dependents

Who should read this article?

Members with a spending account through League (like a Lifestyle Spending Account). If you have a spending account through an insurance carrier, your spending account might be a bit different. Learn more in your Wallet.

Which funds can my dependents use?

There are no restrictions on the spending accounts your dependents are able to use. You're able to make claims on your dependent's behalf against League-administered Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSAs) or Health Spending Accounts (HSAs).

For League to adjudicate claims for your dependents, make sure that you've added them to your League account and we can process these claims accordingly. 

Learn more about how to invite a dependent.

Do my dependents need to download the League app? How will the funds be shared?

Your dependents do not need to download the League app.

Your policy and funds are only available to you, the primary plan member. In order to make claims for your dependents, you can submit the claim on their behalf.

The funds in your League-administered Spending Account(s) are shared between yourself and your dependents - just make sure that you've added them to your League account!

Learn more about how to add dependents to your account.

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