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Troubleshoot missing benefits or funds in your Digital Wallet

If you aren't seeing funds in your Wallet, there could be a couple of reasons.

  1. The account you're currently logged into may not be linked to your employer's benefits plan. 

    To resolve this, locate the enrollment invitation email you received from League. Next, click on the "sign up" link. From here, you can sign in using the details of the account you already created. Follow the prompts in order to enroll into your employer's benefits plan. Once you've completed enrolment, you should see funds in your Wallet!

  2. If your account is properly linked to your employer’s benefit plan, then it’s possible that your policy isn’t live yet. Take a look at your account to view your policy activation date.

If you believe you should have funds and aren't seeing them, Chat with us or email, and we’ll help get you setup!

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