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Tax implications of the Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA)

The Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) covers many services and products that allow you to live a healthier life. This includes items like gym & studio memberships, fitness trackers, and athletic gear. Reimbursements from this account are considered a taxable benefit, meaning you will pay taxes on the money you receive from this account. 


How much will I get taxed?

Money spent from your LSA will be taxed according to your marginal income tax rate as per Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines. You’ll only get taxed on the funds you actually use, and your employer decides how often they tax you. For example, they might tax you once a month for any LSA funds you used in the previous month.

Example: If you allocated $2,000 in LSA funds, but only used $1,000 and are taxed at a 30% marginal income tax rate, then you will owe approximately $300 in taxes.

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