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How many rewards points can I earn for completing Health Program activities?

We want to reward you for adding healthy habits and behaviours to your routine. You can see how many rewards points you’ll earn for each action you complete on the action’s card. For example, if you earn 100 base rewards points for each Health Program activity you complete, and you enroll in four Health Programs and complete all your activities every day, you’ll earn 400 rewards points each day that you can convert to League Credit and spend on products and services in Lifemarket. 

You can also earn bonus rewards points for certain activities and programs in your journey. The points balance we display on each Health Program is the total number of points you’re eligible to earn, including any bonus points.
Your employer can also customize the points you can earn. For example, for an activity during a particular period of time you can earn 2x the points per activity completed. In this case, above the action's header you’ll see that the action has a points multiplier. 

We also don’t want you to miss out on activities or rewards points: if you miss an activity, you’ll have at least two days to complete it (and sometimes more, depending on the activity). For example, if you missed an activity, you can complete the activity you missed and the next activity in the program on the following day.

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