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How League's Member Support team can help during enrollment

Our Member Support team is like your benefits sidekick - they’re here to offer support by answering your questions during your Open Enrollment period, or if you’re a new hire enrolling in benefits. Read this article to learn what types of questions we can and can’t answer during your enrollment period.

Common questions we can help with

Our team is fully equipped to help you with questions like:

Type of question


Issues accessing or creating your account

You can’t find the invitation link League sent you to create an account or make your plan selections

General questions about your benefits

You’re making plan selections but don’t understand what the difference is between different levels of coverage

Support with the enrollment experience

You need help finding a specific piece of information in the enrollment experience

Keep in mind this isn’t an exhaustive list! If you’re not sure whether we can answer your question, chat with us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Common questions we don’t always have the answers for

While our Member Support team can answer most of your benefits questions, there are a few things we don’t always have the answers for during your enrollment period:

Type of question


What we can help with

Advice on plan selections

You want us to tell you which plan you should choose based on your needs.

While we can’t tell you which plan to choose, we can help you understand what each plan offers.

Questions about specific types of coverage

You want to know whether a specific product or service is covered by a plan before you make a decision.

We can give you an idea of whether certain products or services should be covered by a plan, but your insurance carrier can’t confirm this information until you’re enrolled in the plan.

Once you're enrolled in the plan, we’d be happy to assist you with general questions related to your benefits or with providing the contact information of your insurance carrier for specific questions.

Questions about specific coverage amounts

You want to know how much a plan would cover the cost of a specific product or service before you make a decision.

For example, if you want to know how much the carrier would reimburse you for a specific prescription drug under a your drug plan.

Your insurance carrier is responsible for answering if you’ll have coverage for the specific product or service, and for assessing the claim after you're enrolled in your plan.

Once the carrier assesses the claim, we’ll know exactly how much of the cost they’ll cover.

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