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Lifemarket EU FAQs

League’s Lifemarket gives you access to hand-picked, quality products that can help you work towards your health goals. Keep reading to learn how Lifemarket works in the EU.

How do you calculate shipping rates?

Products in Lifemarket are shipped from North America and mostly come from small vendors. This means our vendors often don’t have preferred (a.k.a. cheaper) rates with their shipping carriers, which equals higher international shipping rates. Keep in mind some vendors offer free shipping if you meet a certain spending threshold (for example, if you spend $100 before tax). You can find each vendor’s shipping information on a product’s page, under the “Shipping & Returns” section. 

Why do products’ prices keep changing?

Since we currently only sell products from vendors in North America, the price is based on the current exchange rate between USD ($) and the Euro (€). This means the price you see today could be different from the price you see tomorrow. The exchange rate between USD ($) and the Euro (€) is usually quite steady, so the prices you see in Lifemarket shouldn’t change too much from day to day.

How do returns and refunds work?

Every vendor has their own unique return and refund policies, especially when shipping products from North America to Europe. We recommend you always check the vendor’s return policy before buying a product in Lifemarket because some products might be final sale. You can find each vendor’s return policy on a product’s page, under the “Shipping & Returns” section. Please email the vendor directly if you have any questions. 

When and how do I pay the VAT (Value-Added Tax)?

Since Lifemarket products come from North America and need to go through customs when they enter Ireland, VAT is collected in Ireland (and not when you checkout of Lifemarket). You’ll pay the VAT directly to the shipping carrier when they deliver your product. This is a new rule that started on July 1st, 2021 and is known as the “Special Arrangement”.  

Tip: Learn more about the Special Arrangement.

Any VAT you pay isn’t refundable, but you can submit any VAT charges as a claim to your Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) in your League account. 

What is a Customs Clearance fee? 

The Customs Clearance fee is an amount the shipping carrier (ex. FedEx) charges you for clearing the product through Irish customs. This fee differs depending on the shipping carrier and is usually around €3.50 per parcel. 

Like the VAT, you’ll pay the Customs Clearance fee directly to the shipping carrier when they deliver your product. The Customs Clearance fee isn’t refundable, but you can submit any fees as a claim to your LSA in your League account.

Why is there a €140 spending limit per vendor in Lifemarket? 

According to the new EU e-commerce regulations, products being imported from outside the EU into the EU can’t be valued over €150. This means the total value of the products you buy from one vendor can’t be over €150. We’ve set a limit of €140 per vendor to account for the exchange rate between USD ($) and the Euro (€). 

Why is my order confirmation email in USD ($)?

Lifemarket mostly operates in North America, so all our invoices are in USD ($). If you want to see the amount you paid in Euros (€), navigate to your LSA or League Credit page in your Digital Wallet and click the “Transactions” tab or navigate to your Order History in Lifemarket.

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