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Unsubscribe from marketing emails

When using the League app, you’ll always receive emails about your League account, benefits coverage, bookings, or purchases. You are also subscribed to the following categories by default:

  • Health and Benefits updates

  • League product news

  • Marketplace updates and offers

  • Monthly member insights

Receiving emails from these categories is entirely optional, and you can unsubscribe from any of these categories at any time by doing the following:

1. On the bottom of any marketing email sent by League, you’ll see Don't want these emails? Unsubscribe. Click “Unsubscribe”.

2. Upon opening the link you will see a page with all our email categories. You can choose the ones you want to unsubscribe from. To unsubscribe from all categories, click “Unsubscribe From All”.

Email subscription preferences screen

3. Click “Save Your Preferences”.

All done! Your email subscription preferences are saved.

Note: You will still receive marketing emails regarding your League account, benefits, appointments, and purchases.

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