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How to add an employee

Adding a new employee to your League benefits policy can be performed right in the Admin Portal!

In the Admin Portal:

1. Click the "Employees" tab.

2. Click "Add Employee" in the top-right corner of your screen.

league's admin portal employee screen with add employee button highlighted

You'll be brought to a page with several fields for the employee's personal and benefit information.

All of the fields on this page are mandatory, save for any fields that show "optional" next to the field title. If you need help filling out a particular field, you can click the question mark next to applicable field titles for more information.

add employee screen

Note: The "Benefit Start Date" field should be the date that the employee's benefits become active. If they are fulfilling a probationary period before they're eligible for benefits, enter the date that this period ends and their benefits begin. Employees will receive an invitation as soon as they are added, but they will see an "Activation Pending" notice on their benefit cards until their benefit start date.

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