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Health Profile privacy FAQs

Note: This feature isn’t available for everyone; your employer decides whether this feature is made available to their employees.

Health information is very sensitive – that’s why we take data security and privacy very seriously. At League, we take all necessary measures to protect your private information.

What kind of personal information is collected through the Health Profile?

As the Health Profile is built on the social determinants of health, we will be asking you questions about your personal habits. From your answers, we collect health and wellness information, data related to your physical and mental health, as well as your medical history.

How does League use my Health Profile information?

We use this information to personalize the platform for you by recommending curated products and services. This information also identifies focus areas that you can speak about with Health Concierge.

Is my Health Profile information shared with my employer? What about my carrier?

As you are sharing personal health information with us, we take all necessary measures to protect your private information.

Your Health Profile results are not shared with your employer or your insurance carrier. When we do share information with your employer, it is on an anonymous, aggregated, or group level only.

Any data sharing beyond an anonymous, aggregated or group level requires your explicit consent. Even with your consent, we will only share de-identifiable data with your employer, so your employer will not be able to link data back to an individual, including you.

Data from your Health Profile is not shared with your carrier.

Read our full privacy policy for more details on our security measures.

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